Thank you for your interest in joining the wholesale program.  As the wholesale branch of, we offer the highest quality bidet products on the market with unbeatable service and pricing to help grow your business.  The bidet toilet seat and bidet attachment market is growing rapidly and we are accepting new dealers to help promote the industry. 

Dealer Program Rules

1. $2500 minimum order for first order. Waived for established bidet sellers and websites. Subsequent orders do not have minimum order quantity.  New dealers may also place a non-refundable deposit of $2500 into their account and use the balance to place single orders.
2. A valid reseller's license is required to be tax exempt in California
3. To login and view prices, prospective dealers must be approved. 
4. Payment must be received before orders will ship. We accept all major credit cards. 

Application Process

1. Submit an application here.
2. Provide as much detail as possible about your website and/or plans to sell bidets. We are extremely selective with who we work with. 
3. Applications are reviewed on a weekly basis and if there's mutual interest our wholesale team will reach out to you.
4. If approved, please complete the dealer agreement

Dropship / Single Unit Orders

Want to sell bidet products on your website? Looking to expand your catalog with high margin SKUs? is your one stop shop for all your bidet dropshipping needs.  Don't tie up your capital with unnecessary inventory and let us handle your bidet fulfillment.  We ship bidet toilet seats and bidet attachments from our warehouses so you can focus on what you're good at - seling.  

Bidet toilet seats are growing in popularity everyday and our high quality selection will have your customers coming back to you for years. As the largest volume bidet retailer for most of the brands we carry, our prices are beyond competitive and our wide selection means you only have one vendor to worry about.  

Bulk Purchasing/OEM

Are you a wholesale distributor looking to purchase bidet products in bulk?  

We supply appliance stores, grocery markets, medical supply stores, nursing homes, and even small mom & pops.  Let us know your needs and we'll help tailor a program to suit you.  We can ship multiple units, pallets, and even arrange container shipments.  

Are you interested in starting your own bidet brand?

Leveraging our deep industry expertise, we can help you design and private label your own bidet products. Contact us for details. 

The Commitment knows what it is like to be a dealer in a dynamic, competitive environment. We have our own warehouse and distribution channels so let us help you grow your business by handling the logistics so you can focus on selling.

Here are some of the advantages of becoming an dealer:

- Top quality bidet seats at competitive prices.
- A full service distribution center with fast shipping and fulfillment.
- No minimum order after first order.
- No requirement to stock product.

In exchange, we ask of our dealers:

- No predatory pricing policies. Must follow MAP pricing requirements when applicable.
- Support the customer even after the sale is completed.

Contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you, /